Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Sports physical therapy is the result for the evident increase in stamina and fitness of various athletes who are flag bearers for their particular sports. We cannot help but wonder what keeps Novak Djokovic firing on all cylinders every game he plays. There has been an inclusion of a physical therapist in the support panel of individual athlete as well as teams. In the age of fierce competition, the ability to keep the performers away from injuries and speedy recovery of injured stars is also weighed when a team is judged in totality.

Preventive Measures to Keep Injuries away
Ensuring every player warms up properly before the grinding training sessions or the on-field battle itself is a basic job of the physical therapist. Religious adherence to diet charts and routine in off-season periods and strengthening the supposedly weaker areas of the body of athletes on an individual basis is a part of the sports physical therapy.

Evaluating the impact and graveness of the Injury
Some injuries are mere blemishes and can be cured by simple resting or few physiotherapy sessions, while others may inflict damages to such extent that a surgery may be needed to restore the injured part to its full functionality. Proper evaluation is needed to decide the future course of action. The report submitted by the physical therapist is considered the platform for devising the correct and appropriate treatment for the injured athlete.

Treating the Injured Player
Injured player must be briefed about his injury and the treatment he is going to undergo to enable the player to mentally gear up for the upcoming phase of treatment. The treatment begins with prescribing the athlete a well planned routine and diet before starting the treatment as it helps the player to be in the right state for the treatment. The treatment may be surgical or non-surgical, the physical therapist has to be immensely patient with the athlete as sports injuries can cause careers to end in the field of performance sports and the example of Brazilian Soccer Star Ronaldo’s downfall in his career sans knee injury is well known.

A Friend through Rehabilitation
If the period of injury and treatment is tormenting for a player, the phase of rehabilitation is not very different as it is in this stage the goal is so close yet so far. Intensive precautions are to be exercised in the stage of rehabilitation as any slip up may land the athlete to the start of the cycle once again. Physical therapist is entrusted upon to guide the athlete in the correct direction towards strengthening the injured part through drills and hours at gym.

Improving Performance
A player might be exceptionally talented at dribbling, shooting and creating opening for other players in the game of basketball. But, his inability to finish below the rim or in the paint due to limit vertical height is an area that needs to work upon, the physical therapist is entrusted the job to find the loophole and work upon it.

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