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If you’ve not noticed there is a big growth of video on websites and blogs. Marketing your videos online is going to be the norm in getting your physical therapy business the awareness it needs.You can use video to demonstrate a product, give a tour of your facility, explain the benefits of coming to a continuing education course, and more. Your only limited by your imagination. In this article we hope to explain to you why you need to have online video as part of your marketing campaign to promote your physical therapy practice, product, service or continuing education course.

Use Your Video To Get Your Message Viewed

Most people online are lazy and now it seems it takes a lot of effort for them to stay on your website. Creating video may be the difference maker. Video is easy to watch. It entertains your visitors and keeps on your website. Your videos need to be informative and entertaining to get the full attention of your visitors. If your videos are boring to your visitors you run the risk of them clicking out of your website early.

Be Viewed As A Trendsetter Or Leader In Your Field.

Provide quality content and your visitors will view you as the expert in your field. They will come back to your site looking for more information and crown you as the go to person for that specific topic or subject that you discussed in your video. DO NOT pitch your services or products to early or your site visitors will be clicking their way out of your website.

Educate Your Website Visitors

Watching video is going to be much easier for your site visitors because it is a visual medium. You can have them watch a short demonstration, tutorial, tour, or presentation than read through a lot of text. You can convey the same message in video as you would in text.

Build Trust

Online users don’t trust anything with all the web fraud going on. If they sense you are pitching them, they’ll immediately distance themselves away from you. They can smell a sales pitch or sales hype 400 miles away! Put yourself in front of the camera and have your site visitors see a face. It lets them know you are real and your not hiding behind a company name. People only buy from people they trust. Be honest and answer questions honestly with no hype or sale-zy pitch and it will be easy for to make good decisions about you.

Get Quick And Immediate Access To Your Audience

Using sites like Youtube, Google or Yahoo video make it easy to reach your audience because of the amount of traffic they bring to their sites. Using relevant keyword tags in your titles and description can help you target your audience and bring users whoever are wanting in your physical therapy business.


Creating online video is very inexpensive and inexpensive. I would suggest that all physical therapists whoever have a PT practice, product, service, or continuing education course put a little thought and effort into creating an online video for your business. The prone to reap the benefits from it is big and may be done without spending huge bucks.

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