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If your not familiar with what a blog is then read on. They are similar to online diaries. You can comment on any topic that is of interest to you. You can add things like text, images, video, audio, or combine them all. If you have an existing website you can add your links to your web pages and other pertinent information. What makes blogs so popular is the capability to interact with readers through the comment section of each blog post. This creates a community of readers that you consistently communicate with as you blog about your subject matter.

If you own a private practice, a physical therapy product, or give a CEU course, having a blog will help you communicate with your readers. Happen to be not sure what to blog about? Maybe you are experienced in myofacial release. You can talk about the types of symptom’s your patients present with. You can blog about the table of contents of your CEU course. You can give updates to the daily operation of your practice or business. Offer insightful tips people can use in their daily lives. By offering top quality information, you become an expert in your field. You will gain trust among your readers and possibly gain a new patient or customer.

Blogs are cheap and affordable. Most blog hosting services are free and offer low cost or no cost to maintain. The most desirable or wordpress and blogger. You can do a search for these blog services on google or yahoo. It takes minimal time to update your blog. Adding fresh content to your blog will help your search engine rankings and getting you found online a little easier.

This is some things you can if you had a blog

Write tips and information to your blog readers daily.

Share your knowledge and expertise when submitting your blog posts and become the talked about person that has great insight on a particular subject or topic.

Keeping your content fresh will always attract hungry search engine spiders. This will help your search engine rankings.

You can add your blog to dozens of online blog directories to help you get more traffic.

Have your visitors subscribe to your blog by leaving a subscribe button on your blog so that interested visitors can get notified when you post.

If your getting a good amount of traffic to your blog you can monetize it with online banner ads or pay per click advertising.

Have your blog offer RSS feeds and Podcast feeds of your posts.

Put links from your main website onto your blog.

Your visitors have the capability to communicate with you by leaving comments under your blog posts. This makes your blog interactive and gives your reader a web 2.0 experience.

You don’t need to be a programmer or coder to get a blog up and running. For the most part it is very user friendly and easy to start one up.

You can customize the design and layout of most blogs to cater to the look and feel of your business brand.

Physical therapists need to incorporate blogs into their marketing strategy to increase their revenue or to just build awareness of their business. Blogs are superb for creating a presence on the web and communicating with your readers. It can be an alternate option or a good addition to an existing company website. Just remember we are in a web 2.0 environment where instant communication and the need for fresh and updated content is vital.

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