Physical Therapy Schools

Those gifted enough to perform massage on a regular basis are typically vastly experienced and enormously trained. A career as a massage therapist brings with it the power to emotionally and sometimes physically heal their clients, enormous flexibility, and the chance to do something that you profoundly love. Those professionals who practice the art of massage do so after attending one of many massage therapy schools designed to train, and often place, those interested in pursuing massage therapy as a career.

Massage therapy schools exist throughout the world and offer comprehensive programs that allow those who are interested to become licensed massage therapists. The length and prices of the program differ from school to school but the general nature of the material taught tends to remain consistent throughout; a massage therapy school will train students in the art and science of massage including the techniques required to perform specific types of massage.

Upon completion of the program, massage therapy schools will offer their students the opportunity to acquire National Certification through an examination given by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Such certification makes you exceedingly more marketable to any potential employers and puts your clients at ease that they have chosen a massage therapist that adheres to the NCBTMB’s stringent guidelines. There are over 80,000 massage therapists who are certified through the NCBTMB.

Schools dedicated to massage therapy will also often offer comprehensive career counseling helping to place newly accredited massage therapists into their first positions. It’s important to look for a school that has a standing in the community in which you hope to work. Ask about their track record in placing students into jobs following the completion of the program. In some cases, the school will offer apprenticeships in area establishments. In other cases, the school itself is the apprenticeship offering discount massage to clients who allow students to work on them in the name of training.

The NCBTMB can also be quite helpful in actually choosing between massage therapy schools; you can look for those programs that have been endorsed by the NCBTMB and work from there regarding location, course schedule, and price.

The school that you choose should also ensure that you are well-versed in all areas of massage; everything from Swedish and deep tissue massage to hot stone therapy and cranial-sacral massage giving you instant marketability in the ever-growing spa industry.

But there is also therapeutic massage such as infant massage, geriatric massage, sports massage, and massage that is used in the rehabilitation and medical arenas. This type of massage makes therapists marketable in medical environments where their work can be instrumental in promoting healing.

Massage therapy schools can ultimately change your life; if you feel that massage is something that you would get pleasure from giving on a regular basis then it may be the career for you. Not only will you be bringing stress relief to your clients, you will also be helping them to have an increased physical and emotional wellbeing.

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