Physical Therapist

The work of a Physical Therapy Assistant is to assist the physical therapists in giving PT services to patients. PT Assistants are in the direction of a Physical Therapist when giving treatments. They care for patients that have different problems and disorders such as back and neck pain and injuries, muscle strains, and also individuals that were affected by stroke, parkinsons disease, heart attack, osteoporosis and any problems that limited the patient’s performance. It is the responsibility of the physical therapy assistant to write down and document the treatment and if the patient is advancing to meet the goals that were evaluated by the PT.

Physical therapy is a field in health care that is expanding and becoming more and more popular everyday. The job of a physical therapist will involve exercises to strengthen your body, range of motion, therapy to make improvements to your body’s daily function, and training to the use of assistive devices and mobility products. A majority of patients that are in physical therapy have problems that prevent them from functioning at 100% and these are the ones that the PT’s are doing treatments on. Physical therapists assist in setting up equipments, keep track of a patient’s progress, and help with some clerical tasks.

A PT needs an assistant to be able to meet the needs of the patients. Having the career as a PTA doesn’t only have a good salary to let you live in comfort, and it also very rewarding because you know that you’re facilitating patients to get much better and be able to perform tasks on their own. The typical total annual wage of a physical therapy assistant is from $40,000-$60,000.

There is a profitable future on PT assistant jobs. There is an higher demand on these jobs everyday, and PT assistant have opportunity for a good career. Getting into this profession means you need to have an associate degree and the program needs to be accredited and after completing, you will need to take the board exam and pass it to get your license.

PT assistants work in various type of health care settings like hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, long term care facilities, outpatients clinics, school setting and also even at home with home health. Another specialized setting is the sports rehab which is rehab from sports injuries.

A PT assistant can effortlessly go up on their career by going into specialization. They can easily move ahead to become rehab directors on the center that they’re working in. They can also move forward to administrative positions where they organize all the assistants in a physical therapy company. They can also be teachers in any schools that offer accredited PT assistant programs. And sometimes, there are PT assistants that offer workout routines clinics for the general population.

The PT assistant’s salary depends on a myriad of factors such as the degree of education and specialization, work experience, the setting that they’re going to work and also on which portion of the country they’re going to work. To lower the expense of physical therapy services, assistant therapists are very much needed by physical therapists. Due to the increasing demand, physical therapy assistants have a good chance of a rewarding future with high remuneration and benefits.

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