Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Physical Therapy is a profession that involves knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of body specifically the musculoskeletal system. This article aims to discuss about the physical therapy internship. Physical therapists are members of the health care team whoever specializes in the physical mobility and function of the person. The core of their care focuses on individual to meet the ideal fitness and health and to prevent the development of impairments, limitations in movements and disability relate to any forms of diseases, accidents and disorders.

They are responsible for providing proper activities and exercise with the use of mobility equipment. They strengthen the muscles and restore the function of the person. They also help the individual to relieve pain from immobility. In the physical therapy internship, they’re responsible to test and evaluate the motor aspect of an individual in terms of coordination, balance, strength, circulatory and respiratory efficiency.

Current Trends Of internship For Physical Therapy

After the internship, they need to submit the clinical experience to their designated institution as part of their credential before taking up the licensure examination.

According to the American Physical Therapist Association or APTA, they planned to achieve a standard for physical therapist to earn a doctorate program by 2020. They will require every physical therapist to finish the prerequisite courses and apply for doctorate physical therapy program.

Venue For Internship

Most of the time, the physical therapist have their internship in the hospitals. However, there are approximately 70% of physical therapy internship may be found in a private institutions, community settings, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, sports and research facilities and corporate, educational and industrial centers.

The Requirements For Internship

Requirements involve the credentials and student appraisal needed for internship. This includes:

1. Academic evaluation from the school. At least with 3.0 as general academic average
2. GRE evaluation sheet reflecting the scores
3. Number of related learning experience hours in the field
4. Personal interview
5. Recommendation letter from the department head
6. Application letter (if applicable)
7. Current transcript of records

Method Of Admission

Before the internship, the physical therapist student should obtain average exceptional rates before admitting to internship. They must pass all the academic requirements as set in their institution physical therapy program. Once must be qualified by passing the national physical therapy examination of NPTE to acquire license. There are other prerequisites for the admission of internships. This will depend on the chosen institution.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Internship

The advantages of physical therapy internship is to allow them practice their profession. They can also benefit from it by familiarizing other equipment used for their clients. They need to work closely with their clients in terms of lifting, standing, walking and bending activities. This means that they need to spend time with their clients which make it as a disadvantage. Their time should be sufficiently contributed to the welfare of their patient and they need to set aside their own interests. They setting for workplace vary accordingly. This simply means that wherever the patient is, they should be there to accompany them.

Internship Duty hours

Usually, the average required number of hours for internship is 40 hours in a week. They are required to work on weekends and holidays. Shifting of duty is applied during the internship. Basically, as part of the physical therapy internship, there should be 3 physical therapists to work on shift within a day. 8 hours will be required for every physical therapist in a day.

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