Physical Rehab Therapy

If you are looking to make a career in the medical profession there are a vast amount of choices for you out there. You could consider checking out the physical therapy assistant jobs or a challenging field such as SLP jobs among a few. There’s no denying that the options are huge in the medical profession as far as what area of medicine you could choose to work in. But if you have a desire to help patients via the use of rehabilitative services then one of these two jobs may be an area for you to check out.

Physical therapy assistants work closely with a physical therapist to help patients to live a more normal day-to-day life through the use of rehabilitative services. These patients, either through illness, disease, injury, deformity or accident have received their doctor recommendations for the service of a physical therapist. The therapist will use means of heat treatment, massage or exercise to help them regain mobility of their physical self via rehabilitative measures. These patients that require these services can be anyone from someone that has had a debilitating disease and has lost some free movement in their day-to-day life, to someone who has had to have a limb amputated and needs therapy to help them regain mobility in their day-to-day life. The areas that physical therapy can assist are vast. The physical therapy assistant will implement a plan that the physical therapist makes to perform these rehabilitative services and hopefully restore mobility in the patient.

SLP Therapists or Speech-Language Pathology Therapists work with patients from the very young to the very old to help in treatment of issues with speech, motor skills, cognitive, facial expressions, and reading and writing through the use of repetitive rehabilitative measures to assist these patients in being able to achieve a more normal day-to-day lifestyle. The SLP could work with a very young child with a speech impediment or a very much older person who has had a stroke and requires their services to regain speech and movement of their facial expressions. These SLP therapists also work very closely with the patient’s doctors to tailor a therapy plan that hopefully will successfully help them have a more normal day-to-day life.

There will always be a need for these professionals in society; as long as there is illness, disease, accidents or injuries. Their very valuable job is rewarding in the sense that they show patients how to once again live in the world hopefully putting normalcy back into their day-to-day life. If you’re a person who really likes the idea of helping others through the use of rehabilitative services to get back the ability to live a normal life again then either of these fields may be ideal for you.

You can find Physical Therapy Assistant jobs and SLP jobs in your local hospitals, clinics and in some cases schools, and sports affiliated programs. You may also want to consider if you would be a good match for a traveling version of these jobs. The professional would get the opportunity to travel the country expense-free while temporarily filling these job openings.

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