How Expensive Is Pilates and Physical Therapy

Among the most troublesome physical maladies confronting individuals as they get older is back pain while the remedy — states the American College of Physicians — is practicing Pilates and using physical therapy for back pain treatment. Actually, the physicians group denote various scientific studies that the soreness being sensed in the back as potentially […]

Physical Therapist

One of the most important and rewarding opportunities in health care is that of physical therapist. They have a great responsibility to care for individuals who are suffering from physical pain, or who have problem in moving due to disabilities. Several individuals have become attracted to physical therapy as a rewarding job which generally includes […]


Core training has become the new buzz” word over the last few years as more and more people have begun to realize its role in posture, spinal health, performance and overall aesthetics. What is less commonly known is that the core is anatomically defined as the region between the shoulders and knees, not simply the […]