Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

If you’re looking for a marketing company to help you achieve your marketing, a number of companies is going to assure you of their mastery in getting you a huge return on your investment. However, let’s face it, not every person can do well. But a small band of people can through their expertise and […]

Physical Therapy

To market your massage or physical therapy firm efficiently, post a teaser on the on-site clinic, begin with opening promotions, offer frequent client program, offer membership cards, give special discounts for unprofitable services, reward your personnel for recommending clients, and try client partnership marketing. A good massage or physical therapy company can be made possible […]

Physical Therapy Management

Reports From The US Department Of Labor Show Rising Demand For PTsWhile criticized by some as being a fractured or unfocused field, those who understand the field of physical therapy appreciate it as a diverse and multifaceted sector of healthcare. The APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) organizes PT into 19 specialty sections – each of […]