Physical Therapy Schools

Should you have a passion in assisting people regain their own body function after injuries, illnesses or major operations, then you should consider pursuing a career as a physical therapy assistant. As a physical therapy assistant, you will be responsible for helping patients during their rehab exercises as well as therapy sessions that are meant […]

Managing Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a type of healthcare specialty that deals with assessing and treating mobility issues. A licensed physical therapist provides the treatments. When patients have an injury or illness, physical therapists assist them in managing their pain, improving their movements and reintegrating them into the community. They use a range of exercises to improve […]

Physical Therapy Program

From the ancient times, massage therapy or therapeutic massage has been used in oriental traditions. This is a practice that has been chased by Chinese and Indians as well as other civilizations for a long period of time. While the methods may be different as well as the movements and ingredients which is used on […]