Physical Rehabilitation Therapy

Ancient Asian physicians practiced acupuncture therapy for pain management and healing for thousands of years. Yet scientific research to uncover and understand the mechanism of this healing art just began approximately half a century ago. Studies began in Japan, then China and gradually through European countries like Germany, France, Russia and the rest. The past […]


Your core area includes your stomach and back. It is the powerhouse of your body. When you work your core you’re going to get great results with an overall weight loss. In addition you’ll start to stand with correct posture and have an overall thinner look right away. To work your core you need to […]

Physical Therapy Schools

Physical therapy certification or enrollment generally include the following: needed schooling for physical therapists, certification prerequisites, and continuing training. Physical therapy is a healthcare career which handles a person who is going through treatment in response to a personal injury, disease or birth problems. These specialists work with an individual in repairing physical movability. Before […]