Physical Therapy Products

Sports aficionados as well as sports athletes understand that coping with any sort of injury can be distressing, particularly if the injury is linked to the ACL. The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is one of the major ligaments found on the knee. It is the ligament that attaches the thigh bone to the shin […]


Golf core exercises. You hear that phrase quite typically on the television by the commentators referring to the area a lot of the touring pros focus on to improve their power output and prevent low back injuries. Vijay Singh for example uses weighted medicine balls to work his golf core muscles throughout the whole week […]

Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Starting any kind of business could be a challenging and also daunting job. If you’re planning on establishing your own physical rehabilitation practice, you have to know your laws and regulations, obtain skills, achieve work expertise, produce a business mind, and build your job. There is no doubt that building your own physical rehabilitation practice […]