Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

There are many reasons as to why children may need physical therapy. It could be because they have cerebral palsy and they need physical therapy to help them move their bodies easier or perhaps they broke a leg, or they may have weak muscles somewhere in their body. Physical therapy is not just for adults […]

Physical Therapy Program

How many times have you heard about or seen someone dealing with lower back pain? Pain of the lower lumbar and related areas comprising the lower back may be among the most common kinds of frequently occurring pain. This kind of pain affects people of all ages and both men and women. Several people affected […]

Physical Therapist

Georgia State University is one of the most astounding universities in the field of healthcare. It is health and human sciences division isn’t only renowned but also has produced many great nurses and physical therapists. It is because of the universities’ strength in teaching that such thorough professionals graduate from it. The division of physical […]